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Physiotherapy addresses biomechanical musculoskeletal issues that can cause pain and other symptoms. As a top provider of physiotherapy services in New York City, Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness helps patients in Midtown and West Manhattan, NYC, find relief from pain, stiffness, decreased range-of- motion and other problems.

Physiotherapy Q & A

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a medical specialty that focuses on the biomechanics of motion and movement that contribute to pain, stiffness, reduced range of motion and other chronic and acute issues, including diseases and illnesses, to develop treatment plans aimed at addressing those issues. Chiropractors trained in physiotherapy use an array of techniques to diagnose the cause of pain and other symptoms so treatment plans can be carefully customized to achieve maximum benefits for the patient. Physiotherapy treatments use hands-on techniques to evaluate sources of pain and to establish the most appropriate applications of treatment techniques for optimal healing and relief of symptoms. Because it can be easily customized for a patient by patient basis, physiotherapy treatment programs also work well with other types of holistic, patient-centered care, including chiropractic care and spinal adjustments and massage.

How can physiotherapy help improve health and healing?

Physiotherapy techniques are targeted at the sources of pain, helping to relieve inflammation and irritation that can be root causes of many types of both chronic and acute pain. Plus, many methods also help promote circulation to areas of injury, increasing the supply of oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood necessary for proper healing. Lymphatic drainage is also improved to help rid muscles and other tissues of built-up wastes and harmful toxins that can contribute to pain and other symptoms. And finally, physiotherapy techniques can help patients enjoy pain-free movement while also promoting strength and flexibility to reduce the risk of future injuries and illnesses.

What happens during the appointment?

Each appointment begins with a thorough physical assessment and a review of symptoms to determine the best course of action. Assessments may include hands-on techniques to identify trigger points or other areas of tenderness, numbness or other symptoms, as well as active and passive exercises to determine which movements are associated with symptoms. In some cases, x-rays or other diagnostic imaging may also be ordered. Based on these assessments, a treatment plan will be created based on the needs of the patient to help ensure the best possible results.