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Applied kinesiology is an advanced technique to help identify the cause of muscle pain and other symptoms. The medical team at Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness is skilled in applied kinesiology methods aimed at helping patients in West Manhattan and Midtown, NY relieve symptoms and enjoy better health.

Applied Kinesiology Q & A

What is applied kinesiology?

Sometimes abbreviated as AK, applied kinesiology uses functional assessments of the musculoskeletal system, both at rest and while moving, to help determine the underlying cause of issues like pain or stiffness. Assessments can include:

  • an analysis of the way the patient stands, walks, and completes other activities
  • an assessment of the patient's range of motion
  • a neurologic evaluation
  • hands-on palpation, or feeling of muscles and other tissues and structures, both at rest and during specific movements
  • manual muscle testing
  • motion and movement analysis

Assessments can be customized for the symptoms and medical needs of each patient to ensure the patient's specific issues are adequately addressed. In conjunction with a physical examination, a complete personal and family medical history, and lab testing (when needed) will be conducted. These functional assessments can offer the treatment provider a more comprehensive understanding of the cause of symptoms so therapy can be more targeted and effective.

How is applied kinesiology used in treatment?

Practitioners skilled in applied kinesiology understand that muscles and other soft tissues require a healthy environment for proper function. When toxins are allowed to build up in and around muscle tissue, the muscle can become sore and weak, causing dysfunction that can lead to additional localized and regional pain and other symptoms. Applied kinesiology techniques are focused on identifying affected muscles and muscle groups so they can be treated using the most appropriate approach. AK can be used to treat both acute and chronic issues, including chronic pain syndromes like fibromyalgia.

What is manual muscle testing?

Also called MMT, manual muscle testing uses gently and precisely applied force and resistance to identify areas of weakness in a muscle or muscle group. Often, these areas of weakness are associated with built-up toxins and other wastes that need to be released in order to restore normal function. MMT can be especially helpful in diagnosing the cause of widespread or diffuse symptoms which could otherwise be difficult to trace back to a single source or origin.