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Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness in Midtown West Manhattan has long been catering to specific needs of New Yorkers, and those needs are often recovery and healing. Our chiropractors, Dr. Jeffrey Klein, and Dr. Marc Bobrowsky, are experienced with a number of advanced [physiotherapy and physical therapy] treatment methods and effective exercises they can employ and suggest as part of a physical therapy or physiotherapy treatment plan. Both types of therapy can help alleviate pain, strengthen specific areas of the body and assist with healing, but our Midtown Chiropractors do not attend physical therapy sessions. Our chiropractors attend physiotherapy sessions, which employ more advanced techniques to treat some of the same conditions and ailments.

Physical therapy consists mainly of exercises and stretches designed specifically for each condition or set of conditions. This type of therapy can help those recovering from sports, auto and workplace injuries as well as those suffering from conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, lower-back pain and other health concerns. The exercises and stretches target the affected area strengthen the surrounding muscles, maintain and increase mobility. The goal is to get patients back to their full range of motion while lessening the risk of future injuries in the same location.

Physiotherapy consists of a number of physical modalities that can help the same injuries and conditions but at an even deeper level. Dr. Klein and Dr. Bobrowsky employ techniques, such as traction, ultrasound, electric stimulation, hot packs and cold packs to treat the affected area, relieve pain and promote healing. As a wellness chiropractor, we can also use these methods as part of an overall wellness plan.

Our traction options include intersegmental traction and mechanical traction, both of which gently stretch the spine to alleviate pressure on pinched nerves and compressed vertebrae. Traction takes place on a special chiropractic table designed specifically for this purpose. Ultrasound is the use of high-frequency sound waves to produce detailed images of a body's interior structures. Our Midtown Chiropractors use ultrasound as a diagnostic tool to pinpoint specific issues and, in turn, provide the most effective treatment plans. And, electric stimulation is another advanced method for healing and pain management we use at Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness.

Our chiropractors specifically use Interferential electrical muscle stimulation which focuses low-frequency electrical currents on the affected area to stimulate blood flow, reduce swelling and help eliminate muscle spasms. Interferential electrical muscle stimulation can be especially useful for treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries, including those affecting the back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and other joint pain.

Hot packs and cold packs are also useful for treating swelling and pain, and our Midtown Chiropractors also use heat and cold for healing with our cryotherapy and moist heat therapy. We can employ a single technique or a combination of techniques as part of a treatment program from our wellness chiropractor.

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