Nutritional Counseling and Weight Management


Weight management assistance and nutritional counseling are critical for the overall health and wellness of our patients. Poor nutrition and being overweight causes a long list of completely preventable illnesses, stresses muscles that support the proper alignment of the spine and prevents people from living full, energetic lives. To a great extent, we choose how healthy we want to be every day when we decide what to put into our mouths. We strongly encourage our patients to get involved in healing themselves by trying our Broadway Chiropractic nutrition, weight loss, and detox program.

Our nutritional program is based on the concept of Applied Kinesiology. First, we take patients through functional neurological muscle testing, which is a scientific method of diagnosing problems within a person's structural, emotional and nutritional makeup. This enables us to decipher specific foods in a person's diet or elements in a person's environment that are undermining a person's health and weight management efforts. This initial assessment is critical because although most people have similar nutritional needs as human beings, there are often instances where individuals, whether they realize it or not, are reacting adversely to things like gluten, potatoes, sugars, etc.

Once we have a detailed analysis of a person's nutritional needs, we can get to work on our intensive detox program. This program is designed to help our busy patients cleanse their systems of toxins that are hampering their weight loss and wellness goals. People will initially lose some weight during this phase because the interfering toxins that inhibit fat loss will start leaving the body. We understand that the detox program can be a challenge, but we provide a lot of support to each of our patients. And the benefits are more than worth the effort!

We follow up the detox process with intensive nutritional support and advice. Because nutrition is critical for helping every system in the body work properly, this aspect of Midtown Chiropractic care is just as important to overall health and wellness as spinal adjustments.

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