Massage Therapy: An Integral Part of Chiropractic Wellness


Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness offers high-quality Midtown West Manhattan massage therapy as an integral part of its chiropractic wellness programs. While many people think of massage as a strictly feel-good activity for relieving stress, scientific evidence continues to mount that it also has numerous medical benefits. In fact, we recommend massage for the vast majority of our patients because it helps relieve neck pain, back pain, whiplash, headaches, and many other painful conditions. Our Midtown Chiropractor and licensed massage therapist work together to evaluate each patient's needs and can tailor a session that optimizes healing and stress relief.

Medical massage therapy is important for our patients because it not only feels good but truly complements the healing process that starts with the highly-skilled spinal adjustments given by our Midtown West Manhattan Chiropractor. Our licensed massage therapist creates sessions tailored to help each person's particular injury or condition and to help relieve stress, which is always a barrier to true healing and health. There are a number of ways in which massage facilitates healing.

One of the greatest benefits of medical massage is that it helps with musculoskeletal pain relief. It alleviates everything from neck pain, back pain and whiplash to headaches, sciatica and more. Because it relaxes tensions from deep inside the muscles and connective tissues, it releases pressure and stress on injured areas. This facilitates increased blood circulation, which rushes more nutrients and oxygen to the spots that need it the most. Massage then kick-starts the release of endorphins, the body's painkilling hormones. As the process continues, toxins are also ushered out of the body's tissues. This helps eliminate painful muscle spasms and joint stiffness. Soon, the patient begins to feel better from head to toe. Pain and stiffness abate while flexibility and range of motion improve. Numerous studies even demonstrate the positive effects medical massage has on the immune system!

Aside from the physical benefits of massage therapy, studies from around the world show that massage helps people's emotional and mental outlooks. Because it has powerful stress-relieving and mood-boosting properties that calm the nervous system and improve sleep quality, it can have a significant positive effect on an individual's healing process. This is why we so strongly urge our patients to take the time to try medical massage during their recovery, and as a way to further their optimum health and wellness goals. All of our patients who have tried it have raved about how it has helped them!

In spite of the fact that medical massage is not covered by most insurance plans, it does qualify under many flex spending plans. Our Midtown Chiropractic patients can enjoy a full-body massage from our licensed massage therapist at the following prices:

$45 for 30 minutes

$90 for 60 minutes

Our wellness chiropractor cannot stress enough how wonderful an medical investment massage is for health and healing!

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