Why Massage Therapy Should Be a Regular Part of Your Wellness Routine

Sure, massages feel great, but the real benefits are grounded in decades of science — you might be surprised to learn about some of these proven benefits of massage therapy

Dr. Jeffrey Klein, DC, and Dr. Marc Bobrowsky, DC, of Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness share the top five reasons why you should add massage therapy to your regular wellness routine: 

1. Massage therapy can reduce stress and anxiety

In today’s go-go-go world, we’re all expected to do more all the time: More work, more family events, more responsibilities. You owe it to yourself to take an hour out of your day every once in a while for a stress-relief treatment. 

Massage has been shown to reduce job-related stress and lessen symptoms in people with generalized anxiety disorder. If nothing else, one hour to yourself with soothing sounds and scents, along with soft tissue mobilization, can reboot your energy and vitality so you can get back to winning at life. 

2. Massage therapy can alleviate painful muscle knots

Muscle knots — also called trigger points — are tightly contracted patches of muscle that grow tender to the touch. The most common areas to develop muscle knots are the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Sometimes, muscle knots work themselves out over time, but massage therapy can speed up that process and restore pain-free range of motion. 

Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and sports massage can all be helpful in treating trigger points, depending on your level of tenderness and the severity of your muscle knots. 

3. Massage therapy can relieve headaches

Most of us suffer a headache from time to time — some of us experience them chronically — and we can all agree that they’re unpleasant. Not only do they hurt, but headaches can seriously interfere with your work and responsibilities.

Certain types of massage therapy have proven effective in reducing headache intensity and duration. Deep tissue massage and trigger point massage appear particularly effective at relieving headaches

4. Massage therapy can help you recover from workouts

If you love getting a good workout in — complete with clothes drenched in sweat and that familiar burning feeling in your muscles — it’s likely you’ve experienced the not-so-pleasant aftereffects of said workout. 

What you’re feeling is delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and while there’s not yet a scientific way to completely eliminate DOMS, massage therapy has been linked to reduced severity of soreness and speedier recovery after exercise. What’s more, compared with various other forms of workout recovery, massage was found to be the best way to recover from workouts

5. Massage therapy can help heal sports injuries

Do you have a nagging sports injury that seems like it never fully healed? Or even a fresh sports injury that isn’t responding to current treatments? If either of those sound like you, massage therapy can help. In fact, research has suggested that massage is even critical for athletes to prevent and rehabilitate injuries

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