How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Strength and Help You Age Well

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Aging gracefully is key to living life well throughout your middle and older ages. Yet, you may have noticed that you can’t move like you once did or that your usual diet isn’t working well with your daily life, as the years go on. There are many solutions to promote strength in your body and ensure that you are able to age well. One of the most essential tools in your toolbox is physical therapy. Physical therapy is medical care that includes therapeutic stretching, exercise, and range-of-motion methods. Depending on where you are in your aging journey, we can tailor your physical therapy treatments to focus on your needs.

Physical therapy can be beneficial for strength

Studies show that the majority of older people have less function than younger people, as observed by metrics such as motor neuron function. Older adults have less motor activity in their joints and muscles as well as lower range of motion. Each of these contributes to a lack of ability to complete the motion required for daily life, which is important for aging in place. Strength is essential to combatting the natural progression of your muscles and joints that comes naturally with age. By focusing on strength, you can ensure that you continue to retain, and even increase, your ability to exercise.

Strength is shown to promote anti-aging

Strength, along with body composition, flexibility, and cardiovascular health, are all health factors that can enhance anti-aging. Engaging in regular exercise, including aerobic and anaerobic, is a positive factor on its own. Combined with physical therapy, you and your provider focus on your specific lifestyle and the ways in which you can bring ease into your life through movement. Once you come into our office, your provider reviews your history and interviews you to design a treatment plan that is based on your lifestyle. Over time, treatments administered by physical therapy providers are evidenced to contribute to anti-aging and improve your musculoskeletal health. In general, research recommends that dynamic exercises that mirror your daily function are core to your physical therapy treatments, but this may vary depending on your specific needs.

Prevention before treatment

By introducing strength training and therapy-informed exercises into your routine or enhancing the intensity of your fitness routine if already in place, you ensure a preventive health strategy that holistically improves all aspect of your fitness.

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