How a Spinal Adjustment can Help your Immune System

During these unprecedented times, people all want the same thing: to be safe and healthy. Which is why every email coming in your inbox is about what to do and know about the coronavirus. And as I look through them they are basically all the same but very important information.  It makes sense that people want and deserve all that can be done to better themselves  during these crazy times. 

Why do some people get sick and others do not and they exposed to the same pathogens? The immune system either fights it off or not. So what you want to do is do all you can to improve your health. That's a very broad statement. There are plenty of things you can do like exercise, nutrition, decrease stress, supplements, strong immune system, meditation and much more. 

The concept here I want everyone to understand is either your going towards health by doing these positive things or away from health if your not. Meaning you're moving towards disease if you're  not doing things to improve your health. And if you have bad habits like obesity, drugs, alcohol, smoking, no exercise then the speed at which you're heading towards being unhealthy is increased. 

During this pandemic, we need to do all we can to stay healthy. What I can offer is something that no one else can do for you is to stimulate YOUR immune system to fight off this virus. A spinal adjustment is a safe effective way to do that. We have multiple studies that we have been sending to you that show proof that it does stimulate an immune response that puts it in high alert.

The bottom line with that is:

production of interleukin-2 -induced immunoglobulin G and immunoglobulin M was significantly increased in cultures from subjects treated with spinal manipulation. At 20 min post-manipulation, immunoglobulin G synthesis was significantly elevated in subjects who received manipulation

That's YOUR immune system going on the defense. 

Come to Broadway Chiropractic & Wellness to get an adjustment to stimulate your immune system and to learn about what you can do to be healthy and safe. 

We have put in place a system to make 100% sure that it is a safe place to be. We will be open for the public to take advantage of what we have to offer for their immune system.

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