Destress and Stay Healthy with Chiropractic Care

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Stress often affects you in ways you least expect, sometimes manifesting as a physical problem, such as a stiff neck or a throbbing headache. Left unchecked, stress leads to detrimental effects on your immune system and a reduced ability to fight off disease and infections. According to the American Psychological Association, Americans are stressed out, and our stress often begins during youth — as early as 15 years old — continuing well into adulthood.

Here at Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness in West Manhattan/Midtown, New York City, we find these statistics rather disturbing. In honor of National Stress Awareness Month this April, we want to take a minute to discuss stress. Although stress is a part of daily life, you shouldn’t let it overwhelm you to the point that it wreaks havoc on your body, both physically and emotionally.

We can help you keep your stress in check with our holistic approach. Learn how to destress and stay healthy with chiropractic care.

Neck ache, back pain, and muscle spasms are common signs of stress

Stress manifests itself physically, not just emotionally, and neck aches, back pain, and muscle spasms are among the most common physical signs that you’re stressed out. Chiropractic adjustments help keep your body in balance and prevent chronic pain without the use of medications or invasive surgeries.

When you come to Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness for an adjustment, Dr. Jeffrey Klein or Dr. Marc Bobrowsky can gently put your spine back into its proper alignment using a proven, effective, hands-on therapeutic approach.

These manual adjustments alleviate the stress and tension in your muscles by realigning your spine, which also unblocks your central nervous system so it can function optimally. So not only does a chiropractic adjustment alleviate the physical stress you’re feeling, such as a headache, neck pain, or muscle spasms, but it also facilitates better communication in your nervous system, allowing you to think clearly and therefore reducing mental stress.

Physical signs of stress lead to more complex health problems

Since stress is a part of life that comes and goes over the years, whether it’s work-related, relationship issues, or money concerns — the biggest source of stress for American adults — if you don’t manage stress effectively, you’ll literally make yourself sick. High blood pressure, ulcers and digestive issues, and headaches are common among the stressed-out population. Many people turn to alcohol, unhealthy foods, or medications to minimize these problems, but this approach is simply a bandage that doesn’t address the underlying problem.

Chiropractic care addresses the underlying problems by helping ease your physical tension and stress. Over time, lower stress levels help control your blood pressure, improve your digestive function, and reduce your need for long-term medications.

You may need chiropractic adjustments a couple times a week at first, depending on the cumulative effects stress has had on your health and well-being. But once you’re back in balance, both in body and mind, you may be able to manage stress much more effectively on your own.

Then you may only need chiropractic adjustments once a month, or as your chiropractor recommends, to help keep your body functioning optimally. Your chiropractor customizes a treatment plan meant to keep you healthy, balanced, and with minimal stress, even as you attend to all the stressful issues in your life, like work, family, or your daily commute in New York City traffic.

A holistic approach to managing stress is the most effective

Since the team at Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness takes a holistic approach to helping you manage stress, they may also recommend complementary treatments, such as acupuncture and medical massage therapy. While chiropractic care focuses on the proper alignment and physical function of your musculoskeletal system, massage therapy and acupuncture can help alleviate stress and anxiety while promoting healing and tension relief in tired, tight muscles.

Massage therapy offers many health benefits. It can help lower your blood pressure, which is often a factor when you’re stressed out. Massage also helps to reduce symptoms associated with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, and it helps your body and mind enter a more relaxed state. Together, chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, acupuncture, and the other physical therapies we offer in our Manhattan office provide a healthy way to manage stress and improve your overall health.

And since all these modalities are natural approaches to relieving symptoms, you can benefit from them long term without the worry of becoming addicted to remedies like pain medications.

If stress is affecting your life, it’s time to do something about it before it creates more complicated chronic health problems. Call today to schedule an appointment or click the “Appointment Request” button on this website.

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